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Car rental terms and conditions

VIP cars are rented only with a driver

Car rental by an individual

Requirements to the renter:

  • minimum age — 20 years old
  • driving experience — at least 2 years


  • passport
  • driving license

Car rental by a legal entity


  • a company card
  • a power of attorney empowering to sign the rent contracts and vehicle transfer-acceptance certificates
  • passport of the authorized person
  • driving license (experience of at least 2 years)


It is included: rental fee, technical checkup, providing a replacement car for the period of rental car technical checkup, insurance.

It is not included: fuel cost, pay parking, fines.

Rent period

The car rent starts from the moment of vehicle transfer-acceptance certificate signature.

Delay of the car for more than 2 hours is paid as the next rent day.

Delay of the car for more than a day is paid at a double tariff.

Rent payment

Advance payment in cash, by bank transfer.

The renter shall pay a deposit, its amount depends on the type of car rented and other conditions.


All cars are insured on terms of obligatory and voluntary insurance of car owner civil liability as well as Autocasco.

The renter liability in cases of car damage or rental car theft is limited to the amount of unconditional franchise specified in the rental contract.

In case of insurance terms violation the renter shall be financially liable for the damage caused to the company, including a total amount of renewal and spare parts as well as indemnification for third parties claims.

The renter shall be financially liable and the insurance money is not paid back if at the moment of damaging he was under the influence of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances as well as medicines, the use of which is contra-indicated on car driving, or if he has transferred the vehicle to the person non-specified in the contract.

Car filling

The cars are rented with a fully filled tank.

On returning the car with a partially filled tank the renter shall pay the cost of lacking fuel at the amount of 1 euro for each lacking liter.